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        Summer 2017

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Summer has arrived, and as the halls of Brosseau become quiet, I reminisce about the many activities that were abuzz here this past month. So, in my final message for the 2016-2017 school year, I would like to highlight 3 areas: First, I would like to touch base on a few of the many activities that have taken place this June. Second, I would like to take a moment to say “good-bye” to those staff that are leaving us this year; it is a sad time for us, but a new chapter in their lives. Finally, third, I thought I would again provide some information on how to “get back into the swing of things after the summer break”, with excerpts taken from the ASBA Resources for Families. Enjoy our Newsletter, check out our website or even better, download our School App for the most up to date information and dates of events!

On June 1st, the grade 6’s traveled to Edmonton to visit the Telus World of Science and the Legislature. The staff, parents and students had an amazing time, and participated in a number of hands on activities throughout the day. Well done!

On June 8th, Mrs. Norrie and Dr. Brosseau School were selected for a Science Giants Grant for 2017 from Devon Canada Corporation! We received $5,000.00 for our “Going Green: École Dr. Brosseau Schools’ Urban Farm Project.” We look forward to sharing our school’s efforts at helping young minds get excited about science!

On June 23rd, we had Ian Porteous of Canadian Presenters, come to do a workshop with all our students. The focus was on the Cultural Wheel, where he taught us traditional folk dances, and the history of the Cultural Wheel. The students had a wonderful time, and learned a lot about the different cultures that represent Canada.

On Tuesday, June 27th, we hosted our annual Awards Evening. We took the time to recognize the tremendous hard work that our students have shown over the course of the year. From most improved, Athlete of the Year, to Mastery and Excellence in Academics, our students have proven that they can play hard, and work harder! Congratulations to all the awards’ recipients.

To wrap up our year, all our grades participated in grade level retreats put on by our staff and of course, Father Rene and Father Michael, all were very well done, and an awesome way to end the year.

On Wednesday, June 28th, we had our end of the year Mass in conjunction with NDE, with Father Rene, presiding. We said “Good-bye” to our Grade 8’s … in a ceremony commemorating their years at Dr. Brosseau by giving them a gift and a video tribute. In the afternoon, we showcased our students’ various talents; such as dancing, piano solos and vocal performances! It was a great way for the students to share their God given talents with the rest of the school!

At this time, I wanted to take a moment and say “Thank You” to the staff that will be leaving us this year. It is always with mixed emotions at this time of the year, we have staff and students leaving us, but as well, they begin a new chapter in their lives, as do we, with new staff and students entering into our school.

Miss Patricia Muise, student assistant, was a wonderful addition to our school. Miss Muise, the staff and students will miss you, thank you and congratulations on your pending marriage this summer, good luck in your future endeavors! God Bless!

Mr. Kyle Schaeffer, grade 7 math/science teacher, will be leaving us to pursue teaching in China. He started his career with us, and has been an awesome addition to the Brosseau family! Good Luck teaching overseas Mr. Schaeffer, and know that you can always come back! God Bless!

Mrs. Teresa Dallaire, student assistant, will be moving on to NDHS next year. Mrs. Dallaire, thank you for being such a great addition to our Brosseau family. The staff and students are going to miss you! Please make sure you come back to visit with us often! God Bless!

Mrs. Heidi Martindale, student assistant, will also be moving on the NDHS next year. Mrs. Martindale, you have been an incredible addition and a staple on our staff, you will truly be missed by all of us, staff, students and parents. Good luck with your “new addition”, and good luck at NDHS, knowing full well, that you will always be a part of our family, and are welcomed back at any time! God Bless!

Wow, this is always tough for me, they are part of my extended family, our Dr. Brosseau extended family, and it is always sad to see good people leave. Thank you all again, you will truly be missed … be safe, good luck, and God Bless!

Finally, as I mentioned at the beginning of this message, again this year, I also wanted to provide some information on how to “get back into the swing of things after a summer break”. Soon summer will come to an end and then it will be time to prepare for a good school routine. The following is a “Top 8 Tip Sheet” to help prepare families with the transition back to school and how to get the school year off to a great start!

#1 Build good sleep habits – Start getting up and going to bed earlier so your children are sleeping on a school-friendly schedule before the first day of school arrives. Children need much more sleep than adults. Children are typically both excited and anxious about the first day of school. Adjusting your child’s sleep and wake times slowly before the school year starts will set them up for a successful first day.

#2 Eat breakfast – A nutritious breakfast is essential for learning. Make sure you stock your pantry with healthy breakfast choices that can be taken with you to work or school, if it doesn’t work for your family to sit down for breakfast together.

#3 Open a book – If your child hasn’t been reading regularly over the summer, encourage reading now. Reading together is a great family activity. Read to your children, listen to them read, or simply set aside time each evening when everyone reads to themselves. Books are also a great way to start conversations with your children.

#4 Exercise together – This a great time to start exercising with your child. Our bodies and brains need movement. Look for activities that everyone in your family can enjoy together and don’t be afraid to try several activities!

#5 Choose school clothes early – Go through your family’s closets before school starts and donate or discard clothes that no longer fit, have stretched, shrunk or are otherwise worn out. It may be easier to get your kids to help with this if they know the activity is a prerequisite to back-to-school shopping. As well, your kids will feel more comfortable and confident if you let them pick out their school clothes within boundaries you set. Make sure laundry is done so they have plenty of options to choose from and help them set out their clothes the night before to simplify their morning routine.

#6 Determine your family’s transportation preferences – Don’t wait until the last minute to decide whether your children will ride the school bus, ride with you, or participate in a carpool. Talk with them ahead of time so they know what to expect. As well, talk to them about what to do is there is an emergency that happens while they are at school. Let them know who to call if you aren’t able to pick them up, or meet them at your usual place. Make sure your children know their full name, your name, and your telephone number.

#7 Meet the teacher, tour the school and pick up a supplies list – One of the best ways to ease anxiety about the first day of school is to stop by for a visit. This is especially important for families that are new to the school. Middle schoolers feel much better walking into school the first day if they already know where their classes are. Everyone feels better when they are well prepared. Pick up a supplies list, check the school website, and make sure your children have what they need before the first bell rings.

#8 Set a positive tone – Children and teens pick up cues from their parents, so be mindful about the words and attitudes you choose when you and your children are talking about getting ready for school. Help them be successful by holding and sharing positive views about the coming school year.

Well, it has been a great year with incredible students, excellent staff and awesome parents … thank you for allowing me to continue to be your Principal and I look forward to another exciting year next year!

If there is ever anything you would like more information on, please don’t hesitate to call, or drop by for a visit. I always welcome your involvement in your child’s education and should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, or myself, Mr. Spila, my door is always open and I look forward to meeting with you any time.

The school office is open for registration on Monday, August 21st, 2017. Please check out our website at, check us out on Twitter @DRB_Bobcats, “like” our FaceBook Page or download our School App for the most up to date information. If you require information before August 21st, please feel free to call our Central Office at (780) 826-3764.

Have a Safe and Blessed Summer,

God Bless!

Vince Spila

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