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  • Purchased and installed new all-inclusive wheelchair accessible playground
  • Helped out with school’s Christmas Turkey dinner
  • Provided hot lunch program and ice cream sales throughout the school year
  • Provided concession during track & field
  • Treated Notre Dame High School Grade 4s with ice cream during their visit to Dr. Brosseau
  • Supplied lunch for staff on Education Planning Day for staff appreciation
  • Treated all students and staff with donuts to celebrate playground grand opening
  • Paid back 1rst installment of the playground loan to Lakeland Catholic School District


  • To all who participated in our fundraisers
  • To all of the volunteers who helped at the chuck-wagon cleanup, turkey dinner, delivered hot lunch, served ice cream, helped at track & field concession, volunteered at the Oilmen’s event, counted orders, etc
  • To all who attended meetings
  • To all who took on an executive position, headed an event/program or joined the playground fundraising committee
  • To Mr. Spila and Mme. Teixiera for keeping us updated on school matters
  • To Alice and April for all of their assistance behind the scenes
  • To Mrs. Reid, Mr. Spila, Ms. Miron and Mrs. Bourbeau for researching, filling out paperwork and forms and/or exploring grants for the playground
  • To ALL of the Dr. Brosseau staff for your countless hours spent making Dr. Brosseau a great place for our children and for providing a delicious lunch for volunteers
  • To Real and Alice Bourbeau/Major Building for their generous in-kind donation of time and equipment to landscape, provide and plant grass and hours of paperwork for the new playground
  • To the Bonnyville Oilmen’s Society, Red Necks for a Cause Organization and the Bonnyville Oil Ladies Society for donating money towards our new playground


  • To 2 of our long-standing executive members (Tanis and Tara) who are moving on
  • To Mr. Spila who is off to take over as principal at Notre Dame High School


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