Dr Brosseau's Parent Advisory Council Needs You!

Dr Brosseau’s PAC (Parent Advisory Council)is starting a awesome new year for 2016-17.  The PAC is a great way for parents to get involved with their child's education and be involved in the decision-making processes at the school.  The PAC also organizes fundraiser that both students and parents get involved in to raise funds for school activities and equipment as needed.  The school uses the proceeds of these fundraisers to purchase equipment and supplies for student activities.  Fundraisers this fall include a Stop and Shop, and an intiative with Boston Pizza, please check out the Bobcat News for more details.

All money raised from these initiatives is being applied towards paying off the loan for the playground at Dr Brosseau.  Future plans include using money raised to make the playground wheelchair accesible. 

The Parent Advisory Council is in the 2nd year of their hot lunch program.  Hot lunches are available twice a month for $6.  It has been met with great success and the students have enjoyed having hot lunches from several local restaurants available through pre-order.  All proceeds from the hot lunch program are used to purchase groceries for the annual Christmas turkey dinner for students and staff at the school.

Thank you to the students for your awesome efforts with the fundraisers and thank you to our parent volunteers for all of your help with the PAC activities.

We couldn’t do it without you!

Vince Spila, Principal

Tanis Bremer-PAC President

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