Dr. Brosseau School Work-Moving Forward Guidelines


March 24, 2020

Moving forward Guidelines

This is to provide some background information to help parents understand how Dr. Brosseau, and all Lakeland Catholic Schools, will be moving forward with student learning.

WHO does this apply to?

All Dr. Brosseau students


Alberta Education has said that the school year has not terminated, it will simply have a different look.  Therefore, teachers will continue providing students with quality learning tasks and feedback during the school’s closure.


Students can work anywhere and with any device.  For those who do not have access to the internet, print versions of the learning tasks will be made available.  For those with internet but needing a device, Chromebooks will be available by Monday, March 30, 2020.  Contact will be made with the parents to determine pick up time.  At the time of pick up, there is a form that will need to be signed.


Your child’s learning plan will be posted on Google Classroom (or emailed) by 9:30am EVERY Wednesday. The learning plan will include information and activities for the ENTIRE week (therefore, Wednesday to Wednesday).  This weekly learning template will provide an overview of the learning tasks for the week, which will help parents know what their child should be working on.  Students will be able to access the necessary resources via Google Classroom.

WHAT is expected?

Students are expected to complete the learning plan during that week.  Parents can help their child make a schedule to allow them time to complete the learning tasks.

The following identifies the expected hours of work per week as prescribed by Alberta Education:

  • Grades 5-6 there is a total of 5 hours of work PER WEEK.

The work is split between literacy (approx. 2.5 hours a week), Numeracy (approx. 2.5 hours a week) and Religion (approx. .5 hours a week), for a total of 5.5 hours.

  • Grades 7-8 there is a total of 10 hours of work PER WEEK.

The work is split between Language, Math, Religion, Social Studies and Science (approx.  2 hours for each subject to make a total of 10 hours).

This means in grade 5 or 6, your child will receive 3 separate learning plans (one for literacy, numeracy and religion) every week. In grade 7 or 8, they will receive 5 separate learning plans for that week (one for language, math, religion, social studies and science).

SUPPORT for learning

Each teacher will identify times throughout the week when they can be contacted by students for extra help.  The method of contact will also be identified (example: email, google classroom, and such).

MARKS and report cards

Alberta Education has stated that there will be a final report card.  It may look differently from other report cards, but each child will receive a June report card.  Teachers will be monitoring the completion of the learning tasks and will be providing students with feedback on the work they are doing.  Therefore, if your child does not complete the learning activities, it will impact their learning and assessment.

Parents are not placed in the role of teacher. Students should be able to independently carry out the tasks assigned by teachers and will be able to access teachers for clarification and/or help.


The school building remains closed to the public however, the school office does remain open for phone calls.  Parents can continue to contact the school with any questions they may have.

Thank you,

Dr. Brosseau School Staff

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