Dr Brosseau's Parent Advisory Council

Do you know what the School Council and PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) do at Dr. Brosseau School?

As a School Council we meet once a month and advise the principal and board on educational issues that pertain to the school. We support parental involvement in decisions that affect the school and its operations. W communicate and consult with parents, the school and our surrounding community. We also do things to fundraise.

1. Did you child take part in the hot lunch program last year?
One of our core activities is providing the hot lunch and ice cream programs all year.

2. Does your child play on the playground equipment?
Through fundraising efforts last year, we paid back a second instalment for our all inclusive playground.

3. Does your child receive an award at awards night?
In our advisory role, we discussed the awards and their descriptions

4. Did your child eat at the concession at Track and Field day?
Last year we provided concessions for our in-school track meet and the district track meet

5. Do you have a child in Grade 5?
Last year we treated them to ice cream during their visit and tour.

6. Did your child play on a school sports team?
Again, in our advisory role, we discussed our school’s mission and values around our sports programming.

7. Did you know that we host a staff appreciation day?
On an early dismissal Wednesday, we provided snacks and lunch for all staff to show our appreciation for all they do for our children.

8. Have you even been upset or concerned about something that has happened at school?
School council is a safe place to share your concerns, engage in discussion, receive feedback and help initiate positive change for our children, YOU have a voice at school council.

The PAC (Parent Advisory Council) is a great way for parents to get involved with their child’s education and be involved in the decision-making processes at the school. The PAC also organizes fundraisers that both students and parents get involved in to raise funds for school activities and equipment as needed.

Parent Council/PAC meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM in the school library.  

We do discuss other topics besides fundraising so it’s a great opportunity to hear about all the activities/events/learning that is happening at Dr. Brosseau as well as have an input in decisions that affect your child’s education. 

The PAC is always looking for new members and new ideas! Please consider joining us! Contact Miss. Revoy at the school 780-826-7005, we would love to hear from you. 

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