About Dr. Bernard Brosseau

Key Features:

  • Grade 5-8 dual track program (English and French Immersion)
  • Strong Religious Education Program including a Youth Minister and a community service dimension
  • Safe and Caring atmosphere with a school wide Moral Intelligence Program
  • Quality programs for special needs and gifted students, including small group instruction
  • Strong technology within the school - 1 to 1.5 laptop to student ratio, SMARTboards in all instructional areas, highly trained staff in the use of technology and its implementation, and courses in Communications Technology and Robotics
  • We are an 'Apple Distinguished School,' in which every student has access to their own iPad (1 to 1 ratio)
  • Opportunities for student leadership (students' Union, school helpers - concession, office, library -, intramurals, welcoming committee, Youth Liturgical Leadership)
  • Annual Brosseau-lations Dinner Theatre in the Spring (whole school drama production)


Our Mascot and Colours:

Mascot and School sports team: BOBCATS
School Colours: Red, Black, and White



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