Who is Dr. Brosseau?

Dr. Bernard Brosseau is a name synonymous with Bonnyville. We are all familiar with it. But who was this man and why does our school bear his name? Simply put, Dr. Brosseau was a community-minded physician who passed away from cancer in 1982. But looking deeper in this 20-year public life, it is apparent that there was much more to this man.

Many people entrusted their physical well-being and medical needs to him. He was a well-liked, loyal and dedicated physician, committing many hours to his patients.

Dr. Brosseau was also deeply involved in the community. Not only does our Catholic school bear his name, but he was also instrumental in the design and construction of St. Louis Roman Catholic Church- the same church where we hold our school masses. Dr. Brosseau was very generous with his time, serving on Town Council, the parish council, the school board and the joint board that operated Bonnyville Centralized High school. His other commitments were to the Dove Center, Native Groups, the Rehabilitation Centre and Alcoholics Anonymous.

In addition to being a great humanitarian so selflessly giving of his time, Dr. Brosseau made sure to set aside time to spend with his wife and children. As a family they enjoyed camping, hiking and sports. He was a lover of sports, arts, photography and architecture. At the opening of our school in September of 1987, his wife, Yolande Brosseau, stated, “This school speaks for all my husband believed in and strove for.”So, who was Dr. Brosseau? If anything, it was what he believed in, what he tried to achieve and what he accomplished that made him an extraordinary individual. His influence continues to encompass who we are and what we believe. Dr. Brosseau was an exemplary role model for all young people. Hopefully our students will be inspired by him, and his legacy will continue.

Dr. Bernard Brosseau has passed on, but his conviction flows through the halls of Ecole Dr. Bernard Brosseau School.

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