iBrosseau Learning Vision

Ecole Dr. Brosseau School has implemented the iPad/UDL (Universal Design for Learning) opportunity for all students in grades 5 through 8, and we are very excited to be on the leading edge of 21rst Century Learning…designing to the edges!

The use of iPads in classes is rapidly increasing as more students and staff become familiar with the technology, its application to learning and the potential it has to redefine lessons. After a successful iPad trial in 2013, Ecole Dr. Brosseau School is now at the forefront of using iPads in classes to enhance the learning experience of its’ students.

Our students have already had access to 1 -2 -1 laptops…which ahs been a great benefit to our students. With access now to iPads they will be able to show what they have learned in a multitude of different ways –they won’t all have to hand in the same assignment – some could record their voice, video themselves, write a journal, create a comic, make a mind map, create an iMovie, make a brochure – it is endless. This is another tool to assist teachers in meeting the needs of every child. It empowers the students to navigate their own learning.

This digital learning opportunity will give all students a chance to make authentic connections beyond the classroom to the real world …connecting home, school and community at large.


We have 3 main goals for this new direction:

  1. To provide our students various opportunities to access and acquire information and knowledge
  2. To explore alternative ways for our students to show us what they know.
  3. To tap into our student’s interests, challenge them appropriately, and motivate them to learn.


There will be a lot of learning on our part as well as the students' part, but we are privileged to be leadign our School District and Province in the area of 21st Century Learning.

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