Principal's Message

Michele Revoy 

Summer 2019

It has been a busy year of learning and growing.  As the school year comes to a close, Dr. Brosseau says good-bye to those who are moving on. 

To the grade 8s who are moving on to Notre Dame High School:  we wish you continued success with your academic journey and with your personal growth.

To the staff members who are embarking on new adventures in their life:  we thank you for the strengths you brought to the school and the contributions you made to make it an exciting and successful year.  We wish you all the best in the future.

We pray that the summer will bring the rest, relaxation and rejuvenation needed.  Enjoy the break.  Have fun.  Be safe.

We look forward to working with students and their families in the 2019-2020 school year.  The school office will be open for registrations on Wednesday, August 21.  The first day of school for students is Tuesday, September 3.

May each of you be aware of, and marvel in, all of God’s blessings throughout the summer break.  Continue to grow in and live out the Code of the Cat and we’ll see you in September.

Be respectful of people’s differences.  God made us unique.

Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary feats.

Be a leader in a world of followers.

Communicate with positive language.

Act right and decently.

Think of others.  Do as Jesus would do.

Serving others, through acts of kindness.

God Bless.

Michele Revoy


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