What are middle schoolers like?

n  They have high levels of physical and emotional energy, which may be contrasted with long periods of idleness.

n   They are risk takers, curious, love danger and adventure, yet their feelings can be hurt easily.  This is the time when they feel immortal, but they worry a lot about what their friends think about them.

n  They want to be independent from their families, and at the same time, they need to be pampered and protected.

n  They withdraw and want a private life, and at the same time, they worry about being accepted by their peers.

n  They demand privileges but avoid responsibilities. At the same time, they are developing an awareness of social problems and the welfare of others.

Why should you become involved at Dr. Brosseau School?

n  When parents become involved, both students and the school benefit :

n  Grades and test results tend to be higher

n  Students‘ attitudes and behavior are more positive

n  Academic programs are more successful; and we build strong connections and a community of lifetime learners.

What can you do to support education at home?

n  Talk to your child about what happens at school every day.  Ask if there are any messages from school – check their agendas.

n  Spend some relaxed time with your child.  Share a meal or a snack.  Tell them often what you like about them.

n  Listen to and share their worries.  Support what you believe to be good about the school.

n  Avoid scolding and arguing when your child brings home bad news.  Listen to their reasons and offer your help to improve the situation.  It helps if your child knows you believe they will be successful. 

n  Value their education by encouraging reading and homework.  Help your child choose a good time and place to study.  Provide the necessary materials to give them your unconditional support.

How can parents get involved in the school?

n  Get to know several teachers, not just one.  Don’t wait for a problem to talk to them.

n  Read all information on school policies and curriculum carefully.

n  Keep informed about your child’s grades and work habits

n  Request periodic meetings with the teachers.

n  Answer notes and other correspondence the school sends, again, check their agendas.

n  Join the school council.

n  Volunteer within the school

n  Be your child’s advocate.  When in doubt … ask questions.

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