Programs and Resources

Dr. Brosseau offers various programs and resources for students and staff members. Below, please find a list of some of these options.

Dr. Brosseau school features:

A Literacy program as well as an intervention component for “at risk” readers

French Immersion Program

Physical Education program including intramurals and A, B and C teams in Volleyball, Basketball and Badminton

District cross-country and track and field point leaders

Student Mentorship Program - Moral Intelligence Focus at Dr Brosseau Right Choices Program

Grade 5 cross-graded Exploratory (grade 5-6 and 7-8) - which includes but not limited to: Simple Snacks, Guitar, Religious Arts, Babysitting Course, Hunter Ed, Fitness Activities, Arts and Crafts, Scrapbooking, Leggo Robotics, Literacy, Public Speaking, Leadership, Yearbook, Photography, Video Critiquing

CTS - grade 7/8 (Career and Technology Studies) - Food Studies, Construction Technology (woodworking)Fine Arts - Music, Art, Band, Choir, Drama, Visual Arts, FSL (French as a Second Language) Outdoor Education, Grade Level Retreats


  • District support to ensure quality programming for all initiatives
  • Classroom Support Teacher to help with classroom instructional strategies, especially for students with special needs.
  • Family Outreach Worker to help students with personal and family needs and liaise with Children and Family Services.
  • Full Time Librarian
  • Student Assistants - English and French Immersion
  • Youth Minister

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