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UPDATE 2018-2019


Held productive discussions about awards, sports programs and other school related matters

Participated in voting for Advocacy Resolutions for Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA)

Attended School Council Purpose workshop

Helped out with school’s Christmas Turkey dinner and supplied ice cream for dessert

Provided hot lunch program and ice cream sales throughout school year

Provided concession during our in-school track & field and districts

Treated NDE Grade 4s with ice cream during their visit to Dr. B

Supplied snacks & lunch for all staff to show our appreciation for all they do for our children

Held fundraisers (Dieleman’s, Stop ‘N’ Shop, Sobey’s/Hamel’s Gift Cards and Bobcat Discount Card)

Paid back 2nd installment of all-inclusive playground loan to LCSD



To all who attended meetings and were involved in our school council/advisory committee

To all who took on an executive position or headed an event/program/fundraiser

To all volunteers who helped at the Oil Ladies’ Event, helped at turkey dinner, delivered hot lunch, served ice cream, volunteered at the track & field concessions, counted orders, etc

To all who participated in our fundraisers

To Ms. Revoy and Mme Teixeira for keeping us updated on school matters

To Alice and April for all of their assistance behind the scenes

To ALL of the Dr. Brosseau staff for your countless hours spent making Dr. Brosseau a great place for our children

To Devon Canada for the grant for our accessible playground

To all the businesses who participated in the Bobcat Discount Card fundraiser by offering a discount or a monetary donation

Best wishes for a fun, safe and blessed summer!!

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