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January 2020 Update

Welcome to 2020.  To date this year the Parent Advisory Council has completed the annual Christmas Dieleman fundraiser with excellent results.  Also our Bobcat Discount card fundraiser is still ongoing.  Cards are available at the school office.   The PAC would like to thank everyone who has supported these wonderful fundraising initiatives.

Our focus through the remainder of the school year is to find ways we can support the school staff with their mental, emotional, and physical health.  The PAC's goal for 2020 is to work hand in hand with the staff to collaborate on ways that we as a school council can better help and assist staff in their wellness.  The PAC believes that if we have a healthy, happy staff, we will have healthy, happy and successful students.


To all who attended meetings and were involved in our school council/advisory committee

To all who took on an executive position or headed an event/program/fundraiser

To all who participated in our fundraisers

To Ms. Revoy and Ms. Mayer for keeping us updated on school matters

To Alice and April for all of their assistance behind the scenes

To ALL of the Dr. Brosseau staff for your countless hours spent making Dr. Brosseau a great place for our children

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